Bitter Root Water Forum

The Bitter Root Water Forum is a community driven non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the traditions of agriculture, community, and recreation by protecting, enhancing, and restoring the Bitterroot watershed through on-the-ground restoration projects and watershed education.

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The Bitter Root Water Forum In the News:

Bitter Root Water Forum Program Fosters Future Earth Stewards

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Conservation Rises Above Politics

Audio Watershed Stories

Want to watch while you listen? Watch a slideshow with audio from Version 1 (the East Fork and Private land):


Version 1 (The East Fork and Private land)


Version 2 (The East Fork and Highway 93)


Version 3 (River Clean-Up)

Listen for these stories on The Trail (103.3 FM) and Jack FM (105.9 FM) from May-July, 2020.

Watershed Stories


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