Watershed Stories

Montana is a special place- blessed with clean water, family farms and ranches, rich wildlife habitat and people who work together with mutual respect. This heritage helps our state prosper and supports our way of life. But Montana’s landscape is changing, increasing the pressure on our families and communities. Montana watershed groups bring landowners and communities together to find innovative, practical solutions to be better natural resource stewards. Throughout 2018, MWCC will be sharing the commitment and impact of these individuals and organizations through our Watershed Stories Campaign. We hope the personal stories of Montanans committed to preserving our landscapes will inspire you to find and support your local watershed group.

Click on the images below to read the full stories, and join us in sharing these with your friends and networks! If you have any questions or want to support Montana watershed groups or the Watershed Stories Campaign, please contact MWCC’s Executive Director by emailing, erin@mtwatersheds.org.

 Musselshell Watershed Coalition

The Musselshell Watershed Coalition is a partnership of individuals, organizations, and agencies working collaboratively towards whole basin management on the Musselshell River. For more information about the Coalition, visit their website or contact them at musselshellwc@gmail.com.

The Musselshell Watershed Coalition in the News:

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