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Watershed Fund “Opportunity” Support

MWCC occasionally offers Opportunity Support to fill critical capacity funding gaps of our Watershed Partners – especially for opportunities that arise outside of regular Watershed Fund deadlines. The purpose of this funding is to allow watershed organizations to respond to unique or pressing conservation opportunities within their watershed. Community-based conservation requires responsiveness to community issues – no matter the timeline. MWCC understands that maintaining relevance in the community relies on the ability of watershed organizations to act when opportunities arise. These funds will support internal operations and external community-based conservation efforts, through targeted activities that are directly related to community-led conservation solutions. Activities will result in increased community engagement and scaling up of watershed conservation efforts. This support is intended to help our Watershed Partner organizations meet unforeseen challenges or seize opportunities that are generally consistent with Watershed Fund goals. Up to $3,000 may be available for “Opportunity” proposals.

For more information about opportunity support, contact Terri Nichols.