Watershed Fund BSWC Nonpoint Source Project Support Reporting Form

This project support reporting form is for Big Sky Watershed Corps members and host sites who have received project support through the MWCC Watershed Fund for on-the-ground projects implementing DEQ-approved Watershed Restoration Plans. Use this form for both your interim progress report and your final report. You may save your work in this form and continue later. Upon submitting this report, you will receive an emailed copy of all your responses.

At the bottom of this page you will find:

  1. A Watershed Fund Budget Reporting Spreadsheet, to be filled out and uploaded in the “Description of Work” section of this reporting form. Be sure to fill out both tabs in the spreadsheet.
  2. A Word document containing all questions in this form, for easy cutting and pasting

If you have any questions about this reporting form, contact Terri Nichols, Watershed Programs Coordinator, at terri@mtwatersheds.org or 406.475.1420.

Watershed Fund BSWC Nonpoint Source Project Support Reporting Form

  • Description of Work

  • Our metrics for demonstrating the impact of the MWCC Watershed Fund are:

    Stakeholders engaged

    Acres made more resilient

    Stream miles improved

    Conservation practices implemented

    Connecting your activities to these metrics will help us illustrate how essential your host site's capacity is to achieving these conservation outputs.

  • Fill out questions 3-6 for your FINAL REPORT ONLY
  • Must reflect project dollar MOU.
  • Must reflect MWCC Watershed Fund Billing tab in attached Budget Reporting Spreadsheet
  • Add cells B9 through B15 in the budget totals tab of your attached Budget Reporting Spreadsheet.
  • Add cells C9 through C15 in the budget totals tab of your Budget Reporting Spreadsheet.
  • Upload 1) Your completed Watershed Fund Budget Reporting Spreadsheet and 2) receipts for Watershed Fund dollars spent. In the Budget Reporting Spreadsheet, be sure to describe all sources of income.
    Drop files here or
  • Additional Project Benefits

  • Communicating Conservation

  • Leveraging Opportunities

  • This big-picture snapshot of the project will help us demonstrate the effectiveness of local organizations like yours in leveraging funding for more conservation.

    ***MWCC will not share the identity of individual foundations or donors with our funding partners. We will also not use this information for our own fundraising effort unless you have explicitly suggested we do so. This information will only be used to demonstrate the diversity of funds and leveraging capability of local watershed organizations and the MWCC Watershed Fund overall.

  • Connecting Conservation to Capacity

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.