Watershed Directory

Watershed Group Contact Name Contact Title Contact Email Watershed Group Website Phone
Yellowstone River Conservation District Council Dan Rostad Executive Director dan.rostad@mt.nacdnet.net www.yellowstonerivercouncil.org 406-247-4412
Yaak Valley Forest Council Anthony South Restoration Coordinator info@yaakvalley.org http://yaakvalley.org 406-295-9736
Whitefish Lake Institute Mike Koopal Executive Director mike@whitefishlake.org http://www.whitefishlake.org 406-862-4327
Watershed Restoration Coalition Ted Dodge Executive Director ted.dodge516@gmail.com 406-579-3762
Upper Yellowstone Watershed Basin Ashley Lowrey Coordinator ashley.lowrey@mt.nacdnet.net http://parkcd.org 406-222-2899 ext. 114
Upper Missouri Watershed Alliance Alan Shaw Board Member contactumowa@gmail.com http://www.umowa.org/ 406-995-2792
Upper Clark Fork Basin Steering Committee Maureen Connor Interim Contact connor@blackfoot.net http://dnrc.mt.gov/wrd/water_mgmt/clarkfork_steeringcomm 406-544-8434
Teton River Watershed Group Sally Heuscher Acting President festusch@3rivers.net
Ten Mile/ South Helena Collaborative Joe Cohenour Chair joecohenour@gmail.com
Swan Valley Connections Rebecca Ramsey Executive Director rebecca@svconnections.org www.swanvalleyconnections.org 406-754-3137
Swan Lakers Kitty Kellogg Treasurer & Admin Assistant info@SwanLakers.org www.swanlakers.org 406-837-4511
Sun River Watershed Group Al Rollo Board Member arollo7@msn.com www.sunriverwatershed.org (4006) 727-4437
Stillwater Valley Watershed Council Lindsey Clark Coordinator svwc2010@hotmail.com www.stillwatervalleywatershed.com 406-780-1249
Smith River Habitat Project Sherry Meador Coordinator/Board Member info@smithriverhabitatproject.org www.smithriverhabitatproject.org 406-431-7638
Shields Valley Watershed Group Ashley Lowrey Coordinator ashley.lowrey@mt.nacdnet.net http://www.parkcd.org/shields-river-watershed-group/ 406-222-2899 ext. 114
Sage Creek Watershed Group Gail Cicon District Administrator gail.cicon@mt.nacdnet.net 406 759 5778 ext 3
Ruby Watershed Council & Conservation District David Stout Coordinator david@rvcd.org www.rvcd.org 406-842-5741 ext. 106
Rosebud Creek Watershed Group Bobbi Vannattan Administrator bobbi.vannattan@mt.usda.gov 406-346-7479
Rattlesnake Creek Watershed Group Eric Edlund RCWG Advisory Board Member rattlesnakecreek.watershedgroup@gmail.com http://rattlesnakecreekwatershedgroup.org 406-240-1986
Ranchers Stewardship Alliance Sheila Walsh Coordinator info@ranchersstewarshipalliance.org www.ranchersstewardshipalliance.org 406-654-1405
Musselshell Watershed Coalition Laura Nowlin Coordinator musselshellwc@gmail.com https://lmcdistrict.wordpress.com/ 406-429-4832
MSU Extension Water Quality @ Montana State University Adam Sigler Extension Associate Specialist waterquality@montana.edu http://waterquality.montana.edu/ 406-994-7381
Montana Watershed Education Network Debbie Fassnacht Director water@montanawatershed.org www.montanawatershed.org 406-541-9287
Montana Water Center Wyatt Cross Director water@montana.edu www.watercenter.montana.edu 406-994-6690
Montana Outdoor Science School admin@outdoorscience.org www.outdoorscience.org 406-582-0526
Montana Environmental Education Association meea@montanaeea.org www.montanaeea.org
Montana Aquatic Resources Services Wendy Weaver Executive Director wweaver@montanaaquaticresources.org http://montanaaquaticresources.org/
MonDak Lower Yellowstone River Group Julie Goss District Administrator julie.goss@mt.nacdnet.net 406-433-2103 x101
Missouri River Conservation Districts Council Rachel Frost Coordinator mdcdc@macdnet.org www.missouririvercouncil.info 406-454-0056
Missouri Headwaters Partnership Jennifer Downing Coordinator (rotating) jdowning@bhwc.org
Missoula Water Quality Protection District Travis Ross Environmental Health Specialist tross@missoulacounty.us www.co.missoula.mt.us/wq/ 406-258-4964
Milk River Watershed Alliance Lih-An Yang Interim Coordinator vccdmt20@gmail.com www.milkriverwatershedalliance.com 406 228 4321 ext 101
Marias River Watershed Group Marlene Moon Toole County marlene.moon@mt.nacdnet.net www.mariasriver.com 406 434 5234 ext 113
Madison Valley Ranchlands Group Linda Owens President, Board of Directors mvrgdirector@gmail.com http://madisonvalleyranchlands.org 406-682-7364 cell 581-5602
Madison River Foundation Lauren Wittorp Executive Director Lauren@madisonriverfoundation.org www.madisonriverfoundation.org 406-682-3148
Madison Conservation District Ethan Kunard Water Programs Manager ethan@madisoncd.org www.madisoncd.net 406-682-3181
Lower Missouri Coordinated Resource Management Julie Goss District Administrator julie.goss@mt.nacdnet.net 406-433-2103 x101
Lower Jefferson Watershed Council Bob Sims Board Member sims@ixi.net 406-287-5117
Lower Clark Fork Watershed Groups Brita Olson Coordinator olsonecosteward@gmail.com http://lowerclarkforkwatershedgroup.org/ (208) 304-3852
Lolo Watershed Group Kascie Herron Board Member kascie@lolowatershedgroup.org www.lolowatershed.org
Little Missouri Watershed Group Georgia Bruski District Manager georgia.bruski@mt.nacdnet.net 406-755-6355 x 101
Lewis and Clark County Water Quality Protection District Jennifer McBroom District Coordinator JMcBroom@lccountymt.gov www.lccountymt.gov/health/water-quality.html 406-457-8927
Lake Helena Watershed Group Jennifer McBroom Coordinator JMcBroom@lccountymt.gov www.lccountymt.gov/health/water-quality/lake-helena-watershed-group.html 406-457-8584
Kootenai River Network Carolyn Stamy Fiscal Administrator carolynstamy@gmail.com www.kootenairivernetwork.org
Jefferson River Watershed Council Ted Dodge Coordinator ted.dodge516@gmail.com www.jeffersonriverwc.org 406- 579-3762
Interactive Water Use and Resource Conservation Center iwurcc@gmail.com www.iwurccenter.org 406-580-1279
Haskill Basin Watershed Council John Phelps Board Member jjohn016@centurytell.net 406-862-3333
Greater Gallatin Watershed Council Holly Hill Coordinator greatergallatininfo@gmail.com www.greatergallatin.org (406)551-0804
Granite Headwaters Watershed Group Karen Petersen District Administrator, Granite Conservation District karen.petersen@mt.nacdnet.net 859-3291 x101
Glacier Institute Joyce H Baltz Executive Director joyce@glacierinstitute.org http://www.glacierinstitute.org/ 406 755 1211
Gallatin River Task Force Kristin Gardner Executive Director kristin@gallatinrivertaskforce.org http://www.gallatinrivertaskforce.org/ 406-993-2519
Gallatin Local Water Quality District Tammy Swinney District Manager Tammy.swinney@gallatin.mt.gov www.gallatin.mt.gov/Public_documents/gallatincomt_wqdpages/lwqd 406-582-3145
Friends of the Missouri River Breaks Monument Tim Dwyer Executive Director Tim@missouribreaks.org www.missouribreaks.org 406-502-1334
Flint Creek Water Users Association Bill Dennis 406-859-3339
Flathead River Commission Bob Storer Member on River Commission bobstorer@outlook.net www.flatheadcd.org 406-253-1923
Flathead Lakers Robin Steinkraus Executive Director lakers@flatheadlakers.org www.flatheadlakers.org 406-883-1346
Flathead Basin Commission Caryn Miske Executive Director cmiske@mt.gov www.flatheadbasincommission.org 406-240-3453
Elkhorn Working Group David Brown Chair dmbrown@mt.net http://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/helena/home/?cid=stelprdb5366130&width=full
Elkhorn Restoration Committee Al Christophersen Chair buglingelke@gmail.com http://www.fs.usda.gov/detailfull/helena/home/?cid=stelprdb5366130&width=full 406-439-0197/406-266-5760
Clearwater Resource Council Dave Batchelder Executive Director dave@crcmt.org www.crcmt.org (406) 677-0069
Clark Fork Watershed Education Program Rayelynn Brandl Director rbrandl@mtech.edu www.cfwep.org 406-496-4790
Clark Fork Coalition Holly Biehl Outreach Coordinator holly@clarkfork.org www.clarkfork.org 406-542-0539, ext. 206
Clark Fork and Kootenai River Basins Council Dave Shively Executive Committee Member david.shively@umontana.edu
Centennial Valley Association Kara Maplethorpe Coordinator communityorg@centennialvalleyassociation.org http://centennialvalleyassociation.org/ 715-681-0795
Broadwater Conservation District Denise Thompson Administrator denise.thompson@mt.nacdnet.net http://broadwatercd.org/ 406-266-3146 ext. 104
Boulder River Watershed Association Dan Rostad Coordinator dan.rostad@mt.nacdnet.net 406-932-5160 x 106
Blackfoot Challenge Charles Curtin Executive Director charles@blackfootchallenge.org http://blackfootchallenge.org 406-793-3900
Blackfeet Tribe Loren BirdRattler Agricultural Resources Project Manager lbirdrattler@blackfeetnation.com 406-338-7521 EXT. 2370
Bitter Root Water Forum Heather Mullee Executive Director heather@brwaterforum.org http://brwaterforum.org 406-375-2272
Big Spring Creek Watershed Group Clayton Dunlap Chairman dunlap@midrivers.com 406-535-6694
Big Horn River Alliance Anne Marie Emery Coordinator info@bighornriveralliance.org www.bighornriveralliance.org 208-520-6290
Big Hole Watershed Committee Jennifer Downing Executive Director info@bhwc.org www.bhwc.org 406-960-4855
Big Hole River Foundation Corky Logan Operations Manager bhrf@bhrf.org www.bhrf.org 406-560-6909
Beaverhead Trails Coalition Jim Roscoe Program Coordinator beaverheadtrails@gmail.com http://www.beaverheadtrails.org
Beaverhead River Watershed Committee Jamie Cottom Coordinator beaverheadwatershed@gmail.com www.beaverheadwatershed.org 406-683-3802

What is a watershed group?

A watershed group is a group dedicated to preserving and measuring watersheds. Below is a list of all the groups and organizations operating in Montana. Please feel free to contact and coordinate with the groups listed below!

Many organizations, of all types, are working to conserve Montana’s watersheds.  Please use our watershed directory to find the contact information for these groups.

We’ve recently updated this list and are working to add more groups!


If you know of any changes or additions that should be made to the Watershed Directory, please submit the information to: info@mtwatersheds.org.