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Watershed Directory

Watershed Group Contact Name Contact Title Contact Email Watershed Group Website Phone
Yellowstone River Conservation District Council Dan Rostad Executive Director 406-247-4412
Yaak Valley Forest Council Aaron Peterson Executive Director 406-295-9736
Whitefish Lake Institute Mike Koopal Executive Director 406-862-4327
Watershed Restoration Coalition Ted Dodge Executive Director 406-579-3762
Upper Yellowstone Watershed Group Ashley Lowrey Watershed Coordinator 406-946-3008
Upper Missouri Watershed Alliance Pete Petersen Secretary/Treasurer 406-431-5084
Upper Columbia Conservation Commission Lori Curtis Chair 406-862-4327
Teton River Watershed Group Sally Heuscher Acting President
Ten Mile/ South Helena Collaborative Joe Cohenour Chair
Swan Valley Connections Rebecca Ramsey Executive Director 406-754-3137
Swan Lakers Kitty Kellogg Treasurer and Administrative Assistant 406-837-4511
Sun River Watershed Group Tracy Wendt Watershed Coordinator 406-214-2868
Stillwater Valley Watershed Council Lindsey Clark Coordinator 406-780-1249
Smith River Habitat Project Sherry Meador Coordinator 406-431-7638
Shields Valley Watershed Group Ashley Lowrey Watershed Coordinator 406-946-3008
Sheridan County Conservation District Tahnee Benson Administrator 406-765-1801
Sage Creek Watershed Alliance/Liberty County Conservation District Gail Cicon District Administrator 406-759-5128 ext. 102
Ruby Valley Conservation District 406-842-5741 ext. 105
Rosebud Creek Watershed Group Bobbi Vannattan Administrator 406-346-7479
Rattlesnake Creek Watershed Group
Ranchers Stewardship Alliance Laura Nelson Project Leader 406-258-4964
Park Conservation District Jessica Mayo District Administrator 406-946-3005
Musselshell Watershed Coalition Laura Nowlin Coordinator 406-429-4832
MSU Extension Water Quality @ Montana State University Adam Sigler Extension Associate Specialist 406-994-7381
Montana Watershed Education Network
Montana Water Center Wyatt Cross Director 406-994-6690
Montana Outdoor Science School 406-582-0526
Montana Environmental Education Association
Montana Aquatic Resources Services Wendy Weaver Executive Director
MonDak Lower Yellowstone River Group Julie Goss District Administrator 406-433-2103 x101
Missouri River Conservation Districts Council Liv Stavick Coordinator 406-454-0056
Missouri Headwaters Partnership Tana Nulph Coordinator (rotating)
Missoula Valley Water Quality District 406-258-4964
Milk River Watershed Alliance Sarah Hitchcock Coordinator 406-230-0251
Madison Valley Ranchlands Group Linda Owens Project Director 406-539-1989
Madison River Foundation Quincey Johnson Project and Outreach Coordinator 406-682-3148
Madison Conservation District David Laufenberg Conservation Programs Director 406-682-3181
Lower Musselshell Conservation District Wendy Jones District Administrator (406) 323-2103 ext 3
Lower Missouri Coordinated Resource Management Julie Goss District Administrator 406-433-2103 x3
Lower Jefferson River Watershed Council Bob Sims Board Member 406-287-5117
Lower Clark Fork Watershed Group Brita Olson Watershed Coordinator 208-304-3852
Lolo Watershed Group
Little Missouri Watershed Group Georgia Bruski District Manager 406-755-6355 x 101
Lincoln County Conservation District Becky Lihme District Administrator 406-297-2233
Lewis and Clark County Water Quality Protection District Jennifer McBroom District Coordinator 406-457-8927
Lake Helena Watershed Group Erin Wall Chair 406-457-8584
Lake County Conservation District Heidi Fleury Conservation Coordinator 406-676-2841 x102
Kootenai River Network Jim Dunnigan President 406-293-4161, ext. 200
Jefferson River Watershed Council Ted Dodge Coordinator 406-533-5945
Haskill Basin Watershed Council John Phelps Board Member 406-862-3333
Granite Headwaters Watershed Group Mike Miller President 406-859-3291 ext. 101
Garfield County Conservation District Dusty Olson Administrator 406-557-2740 ext. 100
Gallatin Watershed Council Holly Hill Coordinator 406-560-4425
Gallatin River Task Force Kristin Gardner Executive Director 406-993-2519
Gallatin Local Water Quality District Tammy Swinney District Manager 406-582-3145
Gallatin Conservation District Becky Clements District Administrator (406) 282-4350
Friends of the Missouri Breaks Monument Joe Offer Executive Director 406-502-1334
Flint Creek Water Users Association Bill Dennis 406-859-3339
Flathead River Commission Mark Siderius Member on River Commission (406) 752-4220
Flathead Lakers Constanza von der Pahlen Critical Lands Program Director 406-883-1341
Flathead Conservation District Hailey Graf Resource Conservationist 406-752-4220
Flathead Basin Commission Rich Janssen Chair 406-675-2700 ext. 7260
Elkhorn Restoration Committee Al Christophersen Chair 406-439-0197/406-266-5760
Clearwater Resource Council Caryn A. Miske Executive Director 406-240-3453
Clark Fork Watershed Education Program Rayelynn Brandl Program Director 406-496-4898
Clark Fork Coalition Holly Biehl Outreach and Marketing Director 406-542-0539, ext. 206
Clark Fork and Kootenai River Basins Council Dave Shively Acting Chair 406-243-6478
Centennial Valley Association Kara Maplethorpe Executive Coordinator 715-681-0795
Broadwater Conservation District Katie Mumford District Administrator 406-266-3146 ext. 104
Boulder River Watershed Association Dan Rostad Coordinator 406-932-5160 x 106
Blackfoot Challenge Seth Wilson Executive Director 406-793-3900
Blackfeet Nation Agriculture Resource Management Plan Loren BirdRattler Program Director 406-338-7521 ext. 2370
Bitter Root Water Forum Katie Vennie Communications and Outreach Manager 406-375-2272
Bighorn River Alliance Anne Marie Emery Executive Director 406-534-2915
Big Spring Creek Watershed Council Clayton Dunlap Chairman 406-366-6887
Big Hole Watershed Committee Tana Nulph Associate Director 406-267-3421
Big Hole River Foundation Brian Wheeler President 406-560-7089
Big Elk Divide Restoration Committee Al Christopherson Co-chair 406-439-0197
Beaverhead Watershed Committee Zach Owen Watershed Coordinator 406-683-3802
Beaverhead Trails Coalition Celine Beaucamp-Stout Executive Director


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