Pondera County Monitoring Program

Administering Entity: Montana Association of Conservation Districts (MACD), Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC)
Entity Type(s): State, Conservation District, Watershed Groups
Select all that Apply: Streams, Rivers, Lakes and Reservoirs
Primary Data Type(s): Biology, Groundwater Level, Discharge, Habitat-Riparian, AIS
Primary Watershed Monitoring Objective(s): Baseline, Problem identification, Trends, Permit Compliance, Restoration Project Effectiveness, Streamgage, Project Identification, Education and Outreach, Drinking Water Source Quality, Aquatic Invasive Species
Subbasin: Statewide
Aquatic Invasive Species Type: Eurasian watermilfoil, Curly-leaf pondweed, Zebra or Quagga mussel
Counties: Pondera County
Volunteers: Yes
Contact Name: Laurie Zeller
Contact Email: l.zeller@mt.gov

All of Conrad, Brady, and Valier’s drinking water comes from Lake Frances. The Marias River Watershed disbanded or went dormant last year in 2016.