Madison Stream Team

Administering Entity: Madison Conservation District (MCD)
Entity Type(s): Conservation District
Select all that Apply: Streams, Rivers
Primary Data Type(s): Biology, Discharge, Water Chemistry
Primary Watershed Monitoring Objective(s): Problem identification, Trends, Restoration Project Effectiveness, Streamgage, Long Term Fixed Station, Pollution Source Assessment, Project Identification, Education and Outreach
Subbasin: Madison, MT, WY (10020007)
Counties: Madison County
Volunteers: Yes
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Contact Name: Ethan Kundard
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Objectives are revisited and modified each year. Objectives for 2017 include:

• Create a comprehensive turbidity dataset for streams with sediment impairments
• Better understand groundwater/surface water connectivity and how that relationship effects the quality and availability of water
• Identify sources of nutrients and E. coli on Moore Creek
• Engage volunteers and community members through education and outreach opportunities that demonstrate the importance of healthy watersheds
• Collect additional streamflow data (using TruTracks) and precipitation data (CoCoRaHS)