Little Bitterroot Lake Eutrophication Study

Administering Entity: Little Bitterroot Lake Association (LBLA)
Entity Type(s): Watershed Groups
Select all that Apply: Streams, Rivers, Wells, Lakes and Reservoirs
Primary Data Type(s): Biology, Discharge, Water Chemistry
Primary Watershed Monitoring Objective(s): Baseline, Problem identification, Trends, WQ Standards Attainment, Pollution Source Assessment, Education and Outreach
Subbasin: Lower Flathead, MT (17010212)
Counties: Flathead County
Volunteers: Yes
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Contact Name: John Babcock
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The objective of the program is to monitor mid-summer water chemistry and algae concentrations in Little Bitterroot Lake and its tributary and outlet streams. Lake stratification is also evaluated by collecting water chemistry and algae data at depth near the lake center. The data is used to collect baseline data, evaluate existing trophic status of the lake, monitor trends from 1999 to present, evaluate effects of activities within the watershed (subdivisions, road building, logging and slash burning, harvesting of aquatic vegetation), and address any emerging trends or issues with water quality in the lake and surrounding watershed.