Gallatin River Task Force Community Water Quality Monitoring Program

Administering Entity: Gallatin River Task Force (GRTF)
Entity Type(s): NGO, Watershed Groups
Select all that Apply: Streams, Rivers
Primary Data Type(s): Geomorphology, Instream Physical, Substrate, Biology, Groundwater Level, Discharge, Water Chemistry, Habitat-Instream
Primary Watershed Monitoring Objective(s): Baseline, Problem identification, Trends, Restoration Project Effectiveness, Streamgage, Long Term Fixed Station, Education and Outreach
Subbasin: Gallatin, MT (10020008)
Counties: Gallatin County
Volunteers: Yes
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Contact Name: Stephanie Lynn
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The Gallatin River Task Force Community Water Quality Monitoring Program has collected routine watershed and aquatic insect data on the Upper Gallatin River and its tributaries since 2000. The Upper Gallatin River flows north from the headwaters at Gallatin Lake in Yellowstone National Park to the Spanish Creek confluence, just before the river exits Gallatin Canyon. The Task Force collects physical, chemical, and biological water quality data at 18 sites. The goals of the program are to:

  • To record baseline data to assess for trends and episodic events
  • To assess the successes/failures of restoration projects on impaired streams
  • To determine contributing factors to algal blooms