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Montana is a special place – blessed
with clean water, family farms and
ranches, rich wildlife habitat and
people who work together with
mutual respect. This heritage helps
our state prosper and supports our
way of life. But Montana’s landscape is
changing, increasing the pressure on
our families and communities.
Montana watershed groups bring
landowners and communities
together to find innovative, practical
solutions to be better stewards of
natural resources during these
changing times. The Montana
Watershed Coordination Council is
the voice of Montana watershed
groups, connecting people and ideas
across Big Sky Country.

MWCC has been cultivating broad-based support for community driven approaches to managing complex land and water issues for over twenty years as the statewide organization representing each of more than 60 watershed groups.

Mission: Uniting and supporting Montana’s watershed communities to promote healthy and productive landscapes

Vision: All Watershed communities across Montana are successfully advancing natural resource stewardship

MWCC supports watershed groups by providing:

  • Professional training, education, and information sharing,
  • Funding opportunities;
  • Capacity building resources such as the Big Sky Watershed Corps program;
  • Statewide symposia and watershed tours to facilitate networking and collaborative conservation among local watershed groups; and
  • Bi weekly watershed newsletters with relevant information for watershed groups.

MWCC 2018-2020 Strategic Plan

In 2017, MWCC finalized a three-year strategic plan. The MWCC Board of Directors reached out to peer organizations in other states and local partners across Montana to evaluate opportunities where MWCC can best fulfill our mission to Montana’s watershed communities. This process was critical to looking forward to 2020 and beyond. 

Our overall strategy has not significantly shifted but we were encouraged to add Represent as an overarching objective along with Gather and Share Information, Be  Resource, and Inspire and Engage.

Activities over the next three years will focus our development activities on growing the MWCC Watershed Fund and Watershed Stories campaign, which we determined will have significant and direct benefit to watershed groups and partners.