Why Video is Your Nonprofit’s Secret Marketing Weapon

Date / Time: November 28, 2018 12:00 am

It’s no secret that most online users have the attention span of a goldfish nowadays, and creating engaging content can be a difficult endeavor. In lieu of dedicating time to other media or doing a trial-and-error based approach to content creation, your organization needs to utilize video to stand out to your audience.

Google actually favors video content. Ever since Google acquired YouTube, the importance of using video on your website cannot be overstated. Online marketers have found that including a video on your website’s homepage makes it 53 times more likely for your website to be on the first page of Google. That’s a staggering number! That alone should have you running to create a video for your organization!

Video can also create strong emotional connections. Online video content provides a unique approach to storytelling. As an organization serving a specific mission, you have a particular edge over other businesses because your organization is making a difference in the world. There are undoubtedly stories of how your organization has touched people’s lives that you can share with your audience to tug at their heart strings and make them even more emotionally invested in your cause.