Why Good Gratitude Boosts Retention, Loyalty and Engagement

Why Good Gratitude Boosts Retention, Loyalty and Engagement

Training Type(s): Communications, Development, Finance, Webinar
Date / Time: June 28, 2018 1:00 pm

There’s much handwringing about the state of donor retention, and rightly so (most new donors never make a second gift). As a profession, fundraisers tend to invest heavily in requests for money (direct mail, events, proposals and major gift asks) and then hope a single merged thank you will do the heavy lifting for an appreciative thank you.

The sad truth is that so many nonprofits turn thanking into a process, have a one-thanks-fits-all approach or wait until year-end. Please don’t get Beth Ann started on “thasks”.

Gratitude, appreciation and thanks are often treated as the unimaginative but necessary portion of the fundraising cycle of Ask, Thank, Report. The good news is that thanking quickly, often and creatively can do wonders for the connection donors have with your charity – reflected in measures of retention and engagement.

In addition, gratitude has the handy ability to increase staff retention, too, when well-executed.

Join us if you’re interested in raising more money by using the often over-looked action of thanking donors well. And stand out from the nonprofit rabble!

In this webinar, Beth Ann will provide stats, real-life examples, and her own tips on how she authentically connects with donor and prospects through thanking.1) You’ll understand why gratitude, and the power of individual attention, can effectively increase donor loyalty.

2) Learn how to create effective thank yous for many donors and memorable appreciation for a single donor.

3) You’ll be able to make a convincing argument for why thank you letters shouldn’t be left as a “Friday afternoon merge project”.

4) Beth Ann will share card-writing tips that cause donors and prospects to remember her and sometimes offer the inscrutable comment, “that thank you note was classy.”

Watch the Webinar here: