Wetland and Riparian Ecology and Management

Date / Time: January 9, 2019 12:00 am

This on-line  course will provide a thorough introduction to wetland and riparian science of the Rocky Mountain and Pacific Northwest as well as the regulations and public mandates that guide their management, and the human and global disturbances that continue to shape these systems. The course is designed to provide a clear interpretation of technical information to educators; tribal, state and local regulatory staff; and consultants. We will cover the fundamentals through guided readings and discussions of text book chapters, technical reports and manuals, and peer-reviewed literature. The course is fully online and open to participants across the U.S. The course is designed to be flexible with your weekly schedule. Certain assignments are required during the week and have a due date, but students are not required to be online at a specific time.

Course Details:

  • Course title: Wetland and Riparian Ecology and Management
  • 15-Week Online course provided in the Spring of 2019
  • Montana State University’s Extended University, Bozeman MT.
  • Total outcome based hours = 135, equivalent to a three college credits (for continuing education credits for PWS certification) 
  • Prof: William Kleindl, PhD, PWS (cert# 1695) – Assistant Research Prof Montana State University
  • Prof: Rebecca Diehl, PhD – Adjunct Professor Montana State University

Montana State University

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