Webinar: EPA’s Eleventh Water Quality Modeling: “Introduction to “EFDC”

Training Type(s): Education, Webinar
Date / Time: February 1, 2017 6:00 pm

EPA’s Water Quality Modeling Workgroup is hosting a series of webinars to help water quality professionals better understand surface water quality modeling and how models can be used to solve common problems that face water quality regulators. The webinars are focused on modeling as it applies to the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), Standards, and Water Quality Permitting Programs, but they are applicable to a wide range of audiences. These two hour webinars cover everything from modeling basics (e.g., model setup and calibration) to applied water quality modeling of different pollutants.

The webinar, titled “Introduction to EFDC”, is scheduled for Wednesday February 1st at 1pm Eastern.  This webinar will introduce the receiving water model known as the Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code (EFDC). EFDC is a hydrodynamic and water quality model that can be used to simulate aquatic systems in one, two, and three dimensions. It has evolved over the past two decades to become one of the most widely used hydrodynamic models in the world. Topics addressed in this webinar will include a review of receiving water modeling and introduction to EFDC and its capabilities, a discussion of grid generation, and an introduction to a visual interface (VEFDC) available to facilitate model development. Key concepts will be illustrated through the presentation of relevant examples from real world applications.

Previous webinars are available here: http://www.epa.gov/tmdl/tmdl-modeling