Watershed Management Optimization Support Tool Webinar Series

Date / Time: July 19, 2019 12:00 am
Starting in late July, EPA’s Office of Research and Development will be hosting a series of 9 weekly webinars to help water quality professionals learn how to apply EPA’s Watershed Management Optimization Support Tool v. 3.01 (WMOST)WMOST is designed to facilitate integrated water resources management, allowing users to find the most cost effective management options within stormwater (including green infrastructure), wastewater, drinking water, and land conservation practices to meet water quantity and water quality goals. WMOST is designed for the community and small watershed (10,000 – 250,000 acre) scale, and a portion of a larger watershed can be modeled. These training sessions are geared towards those who are interested in applying WMOST to their own watershed(s) and community(ies) of interest. Topics will include:
  1. WMOST Conceptual Model
  2. Sources of baseline models to generate input time series, including overview of HAWQS to generate SWAT model for watersheds of interest
  3. Use of pre-processor to format existing watershed model output for use in WMOST
  4. Baseline Hydrology Module and Calibration Process
  5. Stormwater Module and Alternative BMPs
  6. Water Demand, Infrastructure, and CSO Modules
  7. Optimization process
  8. Scenario Development and Robust Decision-Making
  9. Wrap-up: New features and feedback from participants on their applications of WMOST
To register, please send an email to detenbeck.naomi@epa.gov with the words “WMOST training 2019” in the subject line (preferably by 7/17/19), and include your name, email, and affiliation (needed to set up accounts for sharing course materials). The exact schedule will be established following a poll of participants regarding optimal time slots.

EPA Office of Water

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