Water Quality Basics

Water Quality Basics

Date / Time: July 20, 2020 12:00 am

Water Quality Basics 101 takes learners on a virtual expedition through water quality issues, including primers on the hydrologic cycle and determinants of water quality. Later sections provide more detail and address key issues for water quality, such as fate and transport, iron and manganese, hard water, fire in the watershed, animal feeding operations, nutrients, wastewater treatment and emerging contaminants. Nearly 50 short videos make content presentation lively and engaging.

Water Quality 101 is an update of the Water Quality Expedition (WQE) program that was initially released by the Montana Water Center in 2005. Water Quality 101 contains the same information as WQE, with content reviewed and updated to match current standards and regulations.

Water Quality Basics is brought to you by the Montana Water Center in partnership with Academic Technology and Outreach of MSU and funded by EPSCoR

Montana State University

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