The Conversation Boards Are Not Having About Fundraising Effectiveness

Date / Time: December 13, 2018 1:00 pm
Underinvesting in fundraising can create real risks, but too often that gets overlooked in most conversations about fundraising effectiveness. This session will share a new framework for measuring fundraising effectiveness designed to help boards and staffs have informed conversations about the importance of a well-balanced fundraising strategy. This framework is designed to create a common language that moves beyond the cost of fundraising as the sole measure of fundraising effectiveness, helping staff provide important context to board members about the very real risks of underinvesting in fundraising programs.
Specific learning outcomes include:
• Understanding of the Measuring Fundraising Effectiveness framework, including the Dependency Quotient, a new measure of fundraising risk.
• Insight into fundraising strategy and how different fundraising tactics can come together to create a well-balanced fundraising strategy that balances risk and efficiency.
• Guidance on how to have a structured conversation between the board and the staff about the relative strengths and vulnerabilities of an organization’s fundraising strategy
Watch the Webinar here: