Shaping Community in the Era of Climate Change: Four Key Thoughts for Making More Sustainable People Habitat

Date / Time: May 22, 2019 11:00 am

Climate change is upon us. Globally, the last five years have been the hottest on record, while storms, droughts and wildfires are becoming more frequent and intense. As we build and evolve our communities in the 21st century, it is critical that we shape them in ways that make them more resilient to these changes—in ways that do not exacerbate the problem.

Featuring nationally renown urbanist, attorney, and longtime leader of the smart growth movement Kaid Benfield, this webinar will explore why Americans are driving more and walking less, the importance of thoughtfully incorporating nature and natural processes into our neighborhoods and regions, and why it matters where we locate new development. Kaid will discuss how even so-called “green” developments will have poor environmental performance if they are not thoughtfully located; and how, ultimately, it comes down to maintaining and creating greener, healthier human habitats that people will love and sustain over time.

This webinar is Part Two of a two-part series on Community Development and the Environment.

Watch the Webinar here:

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