Planning in the Wildland-Urban Interface

Planning in the Wildland-Urban Interface

Date / Time: June 12, 2019 1:00 pm

The wildland-urban interface (WUI) – the area where human development borders or intermingles with forests or other wildlands – has grown rapidly over the last several decades. The WUI is also the area where communities are at increased risk to wildfire.

With more communities located partially or entirely within the WUI, the need for planning guidance has become clear. In this webinar, Miranda Mockrin will present data on national WUI extent and growth (1990-2010), sharing trends in WUI expansion and a national WUI data set that planners and others can use for their work.  Joe DeAngelis will introduce two recent publications from the American Planning Association that discuss the role of land use planning in community wildfire resilience. Molly Mowery will share community-based planning solutions from across the country that address current and future development in the WUI. Together, the speakers will address what community planners, urban foresters, and other allied professions need to know to tackle WUI challenges.

The webinar is sponsored by the USDA Forest Service National Urban Forest Technology & Science Delivery Team.

Miranda Mockrin, USDA Forest Service
Joe DeAngelis, American Planning Association
Molly Mowery, Wildfire Planning International

Who should participate?
Land owners
Land Managers
Urban Planners
Urban Managers