NACD August Recess Guide to Grassroots Engagement

NACD August Recess Guide to Grassroots Engagement

Date / Time: August 15, 2019 12:00 am
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Each August, members of the House of Representatives and the Senate head back to their districts and states to meet with constituents. There are nearly 100 new Members of Congress elected last November, all of whom have a direct say in federal conservation programs and many of whom may not have ever heard of a conservation district.

This month represents a unique opportunity to educate Members of Congress on what conservation districts do in your communities and show why support for conservation programs at the federal level is so important.

NACD has created an August Recess Guide to Grassroots Engagement, designed to assist districts with how to set up a local meeting with their Member of Congress. The guide also provides aspects of a successful meeting to consider during planning, as well as strategies for how to reach out to your elected representative.