Investing in Sustainable Agriculture for Watershed Protection

Training Type(s): Communications, Webinar, Training
Date / Time: October 2, 2018 2:00 pm

Would it help if more of the agricultural lands in your watershed were managed to limit their impacts on water resources? What if you could attract private investors to help protect and manage agricultural lands sustainably? Learn more from the Freshwater Trust on this webinar.

As farmers retire in the next 20 years, more than 400 million acres will change hands, nearly half of all U.S. farmland. Investment in sustainable agriculture, forestry and natural infrastructure is growing by 26% a year. With agriculture accounting for 80% of water use and widespread water pollution, these trends mean new opportunities to protect watersheds. How do we protect and more sustainably manage agricultural lands so that they remain productive while not impacting watershed health? The Freshwater Trust is digging into this challenge in the John Day Basin of Oregon and will discuss the results of their Healthy Watershed Consortium Grant to build a scalable framework to target, acquire and sustainably manage agricultural lands using resources from private investors.

This could be a next big thing for agriculture and watersheds. You don’t want to miss it!