Introduction to STEPL 4.4

Date / Time: March 20, 2018 1:00 pm

In this webinar, EPA’s technical support contractor, Tetra Tech, will provide an overview of the Spreadsheet Tool to Estimate Pollutant Loads (STEPL), its features, and how to use it. STEPL is a planning-level spreadsheet model intended to facilitate the estimation of nutrient and sediment load reductions associated with Clean Water Act Section 319 projects at a HUC-12 watershed scale. STEPL was developed to provide estimates of nonpoint source load reductions within the framework of a simplified user environment relative to other models with similar capabilities. It is designed to be used by state nonpoint source program managers, local project coordinators, and others who are not professional modelers. This webinar will also cover some new enhancements in version 4.4. This new version is the first major upgrade of STEPL in several years. It incorporates new cropland and pastureland BMPs, accounts for flow volume reductions from urban low impact development practices, offers enhanced weather data and reporting features, and includes a new manure application worksheet.

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