Indicators of Wetland Change: Lessons from the Field

Indicators of Wetland Change: Lessons from the Field

Date / Time: March 21, 2019 9:00 am

The Montana Wetland Council’s March 21, 2019 meeting, “Indicators of Wetland Change: Lessons from the Field,” included several presentations about wetland monitoring, restoration, and change. Videos of all presentations listed below are available on the Montana Wetland Council website.

Linking Indicators to Processes & Management: Lessons from Stream Monitoring

– Alden Shallcross, Bureau of Land Management

Quantitative & Qualitative Hydrologic Indicators of Wetland Restoration

– Amy Chadwick, Great West Engineering

Management-Sensitive Indicators in Riparian Areas & Wetlands – a Few Forest Service Examples

– Mary Manning, US Forest Service

Evaluating & Revising Assessment Methods Based on the Effectiveness of Wetland Disturbance Indicators

– Stephen Carpenedo, Montana Department of Environmental Quality

Climate and Wetlands in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks

– Andrew Ray, National Park Service

Development of Ecologically Significant, Economically Practical Performance Criteria

– Rich McEldowney, Confluence Consulting

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