How to Let Unproductive Board Members Go

Date / Time: December 28, 2018 12:00 am

I travel across the country doing custom trainings, board retreats and speaking at conferences. When I ask how happy nonprofit staff are with their boards the room gets quiet.

People usually complain that board members aren’t fundraising or actively engaged. Most often their low participation often gets traced back to the board recruitment stage when expectations and fundraising responsibilities were downplayed. Even if fundraising expectations were properly set you may still have members new to fundraising and new to nonprofits who lack the confidence to fundraise. Your board members are not going to wake up tomorrow and start soliciting donors. You have to mobilize them, train them, coach them and provide support. Fundraising is staff-led, and board supported.

Engaging board members in the mission and empowering them to fundraise is in your grasp but you must properly train and motivate them. This guide can walk you through step by step how to change your board culture.