Getting Ready to Get Ready for Giving Season

Getting Ready to Get Ready for Giving Season

Training Type(s): Communications, Development, Finance, Webinar
Date / Time: June 27, 2018 2:30 pm

Ever feel like the giving season sneaks up on you? You are not alone!

To help you offset last minute planning, we’ve invited the fundraising experts at Classy to join us on a webinar to share how you can start preparing for year-end giving TODAY. You’ll learn how to plan your fundraising campaign in advance, which marketing best practices to use to drive the most traffic back to your campaign, how to appeal to different types of donors, and why Giving Tuesday is a day you can’t ignore.

On this webinar you’ll learn:

    • Data dive: insights into the 2017 giving season
    • How to create a detailed planning calendar to prep for the year-end giving rush
    • How to develop a strong promotional strategy for your campaign
    • Why it’s important to segment your year-end appeals to different groups of donors
    • Why Giving Tuesday is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss
Watch the Webinar here: