Being an Event Planner During a Pandemic

Being an Event Planner During a Pandemic

Date / Time: August 31, 2020 12:00 am

There are so many things we can’t do during these days, and for event planners like Kelley O’Brien, creativity has been essential in order to pivot during the crisis and keep the business going. Things are much different now than they were six months ago, and we’ve seen a huge increase in virtual events, and more and more people engaging online to collaborate.

Unfortunately, it is hard for event planners to make the magic happen without human-to-human interaction, so how can we delight donors and keep relationships with vendors and donors open? In today’s episode, Lindsay Simonds explores the universe of events and fundraising with premier event producer Kelley O’Brien, as she shares how things have changed during the pandemic and how those who’s industries have been rocked can slow down, take time to center oneself, and get healthy.

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