Annual Fundraising Plan for Boards

Each year, board members should devote some serious time to the exercise of planning how they will reach the fundraising commitment that comes with board service to your organization.

This template will:

  • Provide board members with a way to take what can seem an overwhelming responsibility and break it down into manageable components.
  • Give the Executive Director and development staff (if applicable) the opportunity to have a sense of who you know and where you see your own fundraising strengths.
  • Unearth mutual prospects across board members that can lead to different and more powerful strategies of engagement.
  • Give the organization a sense of the fundraising firepower of the board.
  • Provide your board fundraising committee with a mechanism for peer tracking and accountability.

Most importantly, it is a DISCUSSION GUIDE for a conversation with the chair of your development committee and/or your development director. What are you thinking? Can a conversation enrich this document? Can the conversation spark other ideas you have not considered? Guaranteed that the answer is yes.