A Spatial Prioritization Tool for Cross-Realm Management in the Missouri Headwaters Basin

Training Type(s): Webinar, Other
Date / Time: June 13, 2018 12:00 pm

Both terrestrial and aquatic management practices contribute to maintaining ecological integrity, yet these two ecological realms are often managed independently rather than as intertwined components of a single system. Cross-realm management explicitly considers the connections between realms and can improve management efficiency by identifying actions that simultaneously benefit terrestrial and aquatic systems. We piloted a process for prioritizing cross-realm management in the Missouri Headwaters Basin of southwestern Montana and northwestern Wyoming that included:

  1. Constructing a conceptual model of the relationships between key conservation targets and potential management actions to address threats to those targets, and
  2. Developing a spatial prioritization tool that identifies optimal subwatersheds in which to pursue a particular conservation action, given user-defined objectives.

We provide a demonstration of this tool, as well as examples of how natural resource managers, conservation organizations, and other stakeholders can apply the tool to guide their actions.