5 Steps for Successful Social Innovation: How to Achieve Dramatically Greater Social Impact

Date / Time: June 12, 2019 11:45 am

We all want to make our social change efforts more effective, but instead of making small, incremental improvements to our current work, what if we could make changes that made our efforts 5 to 100 times more effective? Lean Impact is a proven social innovation process that has helped non-profits around the world alter what’s possible in the social change arena. Steve Nagai-Ma, a highly successful social innovator, will walk you through the Lean Impact process in language that can be easily understood and offer ways to apply what you learn right away.

  • How to come up with a transformational, yet achievable goal.
  • The importance of focusing on value, growth, and impact at the same time.
  • Identify and rank the assumptions baked into your models.
  • Understand a rapid testing process centered around a build-measure-learn feedback loop.
  • Learn a systematic way to determine whether you should iterate, pivot, or scale up.

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Who should participate: CEOs, EDs, Program Directors and Managers, Board Members, Project Managers

Nonprofit Learning Lab

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