20 Questions to Get Better Donor Relationships and Be a Better Leader

Date / Time: November 28, 2018 9:00 am

How to be a better leader, AND get better donor relationships?

It’s all about the questions.

Recently I was chiding a friend of mine for not asking better questions. THEN I realized that I had been ashamed myself, for not asking better questions, for literally years. I had a friend who was a master question asker. He always did it in a way that helped you understand what your problem was, without shoving it in your face. His questions… asked gently… helped you come to your own conclusions. I was truly grateful to him every time he asked me these questions. He spoiled me for other question askers who asked nothing deeper than “how is your day going today?” or “can I get you a glass of water?” Oh man. Questions are everything.

WHY are questions so important?

People crave to be known, to be seen for their striving. It’s a basic human need that doesn’t often get acknowledged. That business leader on your gala committee might be wondering, “Does anyone see how hard I work? Does anyone care?”