Project Support: Montana Trout Unlimited

Reconnecting and Improving Native Fish Habitat in Rock Creek Tributaries

Montana Trout Unlimited is working with two private landowners to reconnect and improve native fish habitat along Brewster and Upper Willow creeks, both tributaries to Rock Creek in Granite County, which is itself an important tributary of the Upper Clark Fork River. This project includes:

  • Removing a fish passage barrier associated with a diversion on Brewster Creek, reconnecting 7 river miles of habitat and restoring the natural stream channel
  • Installing two headgate structures at the only two points of diversion along Bear Creek, to help reduce sedimentation from existing earthen dams at those sites

MTU sees this project as an opportunity to build a relationship with a key landowner in the watershed. The landowner manages 18 other individual diversions, and there is a potential to reconnect over 15 river miles in the headwaters in Upper Willow Creek by working with this landowner. This partnership is an opportunity to build trust and show downstream water users that Trout Unlimited can help people to manage water more efficiently.

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