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Project Support: Madison Conservation District

Stream Restoration on Jack Creek

This project completes treatment of a 3,600-foot reach of degraded stream channel across three private landowners on Jack Creek near the confluence with the Madison River. Phase II of this restoration work improved two sections of badly eroding streambank that impacted fish habitat and prevented a riparian community from establishing. This stream restoration effort incorporated soil willow lifts to re-establish a riparian community and help reconnect the stream to a more natural floodplain. The results will provide improved water quality, enhanced fish habitat, and connection to a functioning riparian area and floodplain before Jack Creek enters the Madison River.

Two sections of streambank were reconstructed and restored to develop a functioning riparian floodplain, and in-stream channel features were constructed in pool and riffle sections. Bioengineered streambanks were constructed with woody material, biodegradable coir fabric, gravel, cobbles, soil, and willows to create fabric encapsulated soil lifts, which produce a naturally stable streambank with well-developed riparian vegetation. Modifications to the streambed and banks created a vegetated riparian buffer, and a bankfull bench, which will allow for increased floodplain connectivity and enhanced natural channel migration. Riparian plantings using native vegetation will be installed to enhance the riparian buffer along the entire project reach, in the area immediately behind the bioengineered streambank.

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