Project Support: Lake County Conservation District

Streambank Restoration and Stabilization on the Swan River

Lake County Conservation District (LCCD) is stabilizing and revegetating the bank of a highly eroded section of the Swan River that runs through a heavily used county park. Led by the District’s Big Sky Watershed Corps member, this project will reduce erosion and nutrient runoff along the Swan while also protecting this important public access site at Rainbow Drive Park. Local volunteers and the Lake County Park Board are working with LCCD to plant shrubs and other stabilizing vegetation along approximately 350 feet of riverbank, as well as to install protective fencing. Once the physical work is done, LCCD will partner with the Swan Lakers, Flathead Lakers, and Swan Valley Connections to use the project as a demonstration site for landowners on what they can do to stop and prevent riverbank erosion, including what plants work best for revegetation along the Swan River. This project directly addresses the Swan Basin Watershed Restoration Plan.

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