Project Support: Gallatin Watershed Council

Streambank Stabilization on the East Gallatin River

The Gallatin Watershed Council is stabilizing two sections of eroding streambank on privately owned land along the East Gallatin River. This project will be used as an educational tool for nearby landowners and includes:

  • Re-grading 825 feet of incised stream banks
  • Seeding and sod mat placements
  • Addition of woody debris
  • Willow harvesting and planting by local volunteers
  • A project tour for neighboring landowners

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Stream Restoration on Dry Creek

The Gallatin Watershed Council is minimizing erosion and reducing sedimentation in Dry Creek, a tributary of the East Gallatin River, by adding riparian plants and seeding to a previous restoration project. During the fall of 2018 and early winter of 2019, project partners restored a total of 5,595 feet of streambank and floodplain along the project reach. The new project, led by GGWC’s Big Sky Watershed Corps member, involves riparian plantings and other treatments along the new floodplain. This project directly addresses the Lower Gallatin River Watershed Restoration Plan and includes:

  • Drill seeding with mulch and tackifier
  • Planting approximately 300 woody shrubs in the newly constructed floodplain.
  • Coordinating volunteer willow planting days to harvest and plant approximately 1,600 dormant willow stems.
  • A weed management plan
  • Annual vegetation monitoring and weed control for 3 years to achieve a target rate of 70% plant survival

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