Project Support: Blackfoot Challenge

Stream Restoration and Monitoring on Chimney and Nevada Creeks

The Blackfoot Challenge and Big Blackfoot Chapter of Trout Unlimited are conducting stream restoration and restoration monitoring on private lands along Chimney and Nevada creeks, both tributaries of the Blackfoot River.

On Chimney Creek, along two reaches totaling 1,875 feet, the Challenge’s project includes:

  • Installing beaver dam analogs and up to two armored livestock crossings.
  • Planting riparian vegetation and installing temporary wildlife exclosures.
  • Placing logs and woody debris in the stream to support pool formation and cover for fish.
  • Establishing a five-year monitoring plan led by landowners who will receive technical training in photo point monitoring, wetland vegetation estimation, and describing project outcomes.

On Nevada Creek, Big Blackfoot Chapter of Trout Unlimited is restoring 1.6 miles of streambank. The project includes:

  • Developing a project design to address the third phase of a three-phase project to reduce sediment loading and improve riparian and aquatic habitat.
  • Implementing grazing management systems.
  • Improving salmonid habitat.
  • Reducing sedimentation by stabilizing and restoring streambanks.
  • Restoring floodplain connectivity where appropriate.

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