Watershed Approach to Natural Resource Management

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The longest tributary to the largest river in the North America starts in southwest Montana, an area that is seeing new pressures from climate, people and animals. Where the Jefferson River, Madison River and Gallatin River meet, the Missouri River begins.

Flowing through seven states before merging with the Mississippi, the Missouri River is a significant water resource for life in the United States. Its southeast flows stretching for 2,341 miles and its many tributaries fertilize a swath of land that expands the Midwest.

The Missouri River basin area incorporates 529,300 square miles. The health of its headwaters in southwest Montana affect the rest of the river and the large area that it benefits. Through the Montana Watershed Coordination Council (MWCC), which unites and supports Montana’s watershed communities to promote a healthy and productive landscape, the Missouri Headwaters Partnership (MHP) functions as a coalition of local of local watershed organizations in four counties.