Putting a stop to aquatic invasive species

Putting a stop to aquatic invasive species

Source: ABC Fox Montana
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By Kolby Crossley

Summer time is here, which means people are going to be getting into their boats and hitting the river. But boaters need to be aware.  Montana has launched a statewide response to invasive mussels with more than 30 inspection stations.

Vivaca Crowser Information Officer for Montana fish, wildlife and parks says it’s extremely important that you stop at a check point if you have a boat.

“Even if you don’t have a motor on your boat, if you have a kayak, a canoe or a raft you have to stop, we are just making sure that boats are not carrying any aquatic invasive, any vegetation that might contain risk.”

Here are some key points to remember as listed by Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

Boats coming into Montana from out of state must get inspected prior to launching. Watercraft traveling across the divide into the Columbia River Basin must get inspected prior to launching.

Should a certified local boater want to use the watercraft at another waterbody, as part of the local boater pledge, the owner is required to get the watercraft decontaminated. Transporting surface water – from lakes, ponds, river and streams – in Montana is illegal. Use clean domestic water to transport live bait.

Crowser also says there are things you can do to your boat before stopping in at a check point.

“Make sure your boat is clean, make sure to drain all of the water and dry it off and by taking these steps, cleaning it, draining it and drying it you are really doing yourself a favor.”

Crowser also says that they have roaming crews going around the state checking boats making sure invasive species don’t move from one state to another.