NWS issues flood advisory for southwest Montana counties

NWS issues flood advisory for southwest Montana counties

News Type: State Source: NBC Montana
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The National Weather Service issued a snowmelt flooding advisory for Jefferson, Broadwater and northern Gallatin counties until 9:30 p.m. MST Wednesday. The agency expects areas that are not flooded now to begin flooding this week as temperatures increase.

Roger Martin, a meteorologist with the NWS in Great Falls, told NBC Montana the agency has been getting reports of melted snow running off mountains into fields leading to flooding of nearby streets. The advisory showed water was covering Churchill Road in Manhattan Monday morning. If you see water on the roadway, Martin said it’s best to turn around.

“Don’t drive through water, even if it’s not moving. It just takes a few inches to lift a car off or for a car or truck to get stalled in the water,” Martin said. “The phrase we use is ‘Turn around, don’t drown.'”

Martin expects to see icy roads Tuesday morning as temperatures decrease Monday evening.

Martin said if you have snow banked up against your home you should take action to remove it so melted snow doesn’t seep into the walls or basement. He recommends reporting any flooding you see to the National Weather Service. To report flooding, click here.