Musselshell County prepares for spring flooding

Musselshell County prepares for spring flooding

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One of the most infamous rivers for ice jams in Southeastern Montana is the Musselshell river.

Terrible flooding occurred in 2011 and once again in 2014.

Now with spring right around the corner Musselshell County Disaster and Emergency Services have been keeping a close eye on the river.

Melting snowpack and ice jams could cause many Montana rivers to flow over their banks.

KULR-8s Melissa Scavelli spoke with Musselshell County DES to see what they’re urging residents to do to prepare.

Floyd Fisher of Musselshell DES said residents that live near the river know that flooding and ice jams can occur very quickly but he said they aren’t always prepared for it.

He said residents should be planning for a flood and hope it doesn’t happen.

Fisher said as a precaution move your belongings to a higher location now in case flooding does happen.

He suggests that if you have a basement to take a wood pallet and place it on the ground then place your belongings on top so they won’t be as close to the water.

He said residents need to keep a watchful eye on the river and if they see what looks like an ice jam forming report it.

Fisher said, “They need to call us right away or they can call the Sheriff’s Office and they’ll get word to us and we can get out and start monitoring it and if it does look like it’s going to be an issue then we can start making those notifications to the people that live on the river and start that evacuation process.

Musselshell County DES said residents can monitor the river along with them on their facebook page.