Montana rivers are rising as the snow starts melting

Montana rivers are rising as the snow starts melting

Source: KPAX
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By Kenneth Webb – MTN News

BOZEMAN –Beautiful sunshine and near record high temperatures are causing some increased snow melt in area streams and rivers.

The US Geological Survey reports that some rivers have already seen a 6″ increase of water flow since Thursday in Southwest Montana.

The increased flow is causing murkiness in the water for some anglers to get out on the water.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is offering some words of advice as the waters rise.

“This time of year you’ll see the highest risk for drowning, so we want people to know the river they are going to, and we want people to wear their life vest — you must have life vest for everyone in your boat,” said FWP spokeswoman Andrea Jones. “You must be wearing them if you are under 12.”

An experienced fly fishing guide also has some advice on how to stay safe, before venturing out into these rushing waters.

“If you’re going to be out there, I would say not to go out to any river sections that you really don’t know much about.  If you can’t see the bottom, you probably shouldn’t be walking around that area,”  said Josh Roberson.

“If it’s an area that you feel safe around and you kind of know the river, I think it would be okay, but take slow steps and be extremely cautious, because that water is running a lot faster than it looks,” he added.

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