Montana Ranchers Round Up Carbon In New Offset Program

Montana Ranchers Round Up Carbon In New Offset Program

News Type: State, Regional Source: Montana Public Radio
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The Earth passed a new threshold this week — an observatory in Hawaii clocked the highest levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide in human history. A number of studies say CO2 is part of what’s driving higher temperatures, drought and longer fire seasons in the West. Now ranchers in Montana are testing out a new program that’s trying to put some of that carbon back in the ground.

North of Big Timber, Montana, clouds drift from the snow-capped Crazy Mountains to the expansive green pastures of Indreland Ranch. Roger and Betsy Indreland walk through the grass to check on their cattle.

Roger is one of the board members of Western Sustainability Exchange (WSE) based out of Livingston. It’s an organization that supports conservation agriculture and ranching.

“If we can preserve these landscapes so that this open space is maintained, that’s kind of the ultimate objective so that we don’t go broke and sell-out and subdivide. To put it harshly. The objective is to put ourselves at a level where we’re sustainable,” says Roger.