Helena’s water will soon taste & smell different from normal

Helena’s water will soon taste & smell different from normal

Source: ABC Fox Montana
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By Nicole Mojarro


Helena is changing their source of water next week from the Ten Mile Creek to the Missouri River.

Those with the Ten Mile water treatment plant said Helena residents will taste and smell that difference, as people will be getting their water from the Missouri River.

Normally, Helena residents get their water from the Ten Mile Creek.

However, now it will be coming from the Missouri River for the next eight weeks.

Staff members with the water treatment plant said this is due to repair work to pipes and filters at their facility.

Ten Mile Water Treatment Plant Water Superintendent, Jason Fladland, the change in taste is due to the time it takes to treat the water supply.

“Because it’s a large body source of water that’s had a chance to sit over the summer. There is algae in the water too. Verses Ten Mile Creek we are pulling it immediately from the stream so that water does not have a chance to sit,” said Fladland.

He also said what makes this water taste and smell different is the processing of the Missouri River water in a more conventional process from how the Ten Mile Creek water is processed.

Fladland told ABCFOX Montana while the water will taste different, it does meet EPA and DEQ regulations.