FWP: 2017 tests find no invasive mussels in Montana waters

FWP: 2017 tests find no invasive mussels in Montana waters

Source: KTVH
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By Eric Jochim

Fish, Wildlife and Parks says it’s taken more than 330 water samples this year and none have tested positive for invasive mussels.

The state instituted strict monitoring and testing after water samples from Tiber and Canyon Ferry Reservoirs found mussel larvae last Fall.

Montana’s response also includes increased inspection and decontamination of boats traveling across the state.

Regulations require watercraft leaving Canyon Ferry and Tiber to be inspected and decontaminated. Additionally, anyone traveling with watercraft must stop at any open inspection station.

FWP has completed more than 23,000 inspections to date. Nine boats have been found to have invasive mussels. The most recent boat with mussels was found on July 16 in Browning.

To help pay for the increased monitoring of Montana waters, the Legislature approved an invasive species prevention pass that must be purchased by all anglers. The cost is $2 for residents and $15 for non-residents.

People are also asked to remember to thoroughly clean, drain and dry their boat and equipment each time they leave the water.