Drought worsens as record dry weather continues

Drought worsens as record dry weather continues

Source: KXLH
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By: Mike Rawlins

Montana is suffering through the worst drought in nearly 30 years and conditions continue to worsen.

The U.S. Drought Monitor, released on Thursday morning, shows 91% of the state is now in a drought.

A staggering 69% of Montana is experiencing a “severe” drought, and those counties affected are now eligible for federal aid.

STORMTracker meteorologist Mike Rawlins says the “flash drought” developed rapidly during late spring and early summer, with several cities experiencing their driest year-to-date on record.

Conditions are not expected to improve in the near future with drier-than-average weather expected through September.

Drought survey

The Governor’s Drought & Water Supply Advisory Committee has created a drought impact survey in order to better calculate the effects of the drought.

A press release states:

This questionnaire will be sent to water users through contacts with each of the water use sectors identified in the DRAFT Outline for Updating the Montana Drought Management Plan (MDMP) – agriculture/livestock; domestic/municipal; recreation/tourism; fisheries/wildlife; power/mining/energy; commercial/industrial/institutional.

The questionnaire will be presented in an on-line survey format through Survey123 for ArcGIS.

The Montana State Library will collect the survey responses.

The surveys will be sent out approximately the first day of every month during the growing season when any level of drought is anticipated anywhere in the state.

The information collected will be used in the monthly assessment performed by the Governor’s Drought and Water Supply Advisory Committee (DWSAC) Monitoring Sub-Committee (MSC).

Click here if you would like to complete the survey.