Colorado’s hot summer of dry ditches and empty reservoirs has left distressed farmers sweating: Will it get worse?

News Type: Regional Source: Colorado Sun
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OLATHE — John Harold charges his Chevy through chest-high stalks of sweet corn.

He’s talking on his phone, scribbling notes. He’s got corn-harvesting crews spread across the Uncompahgre Valley, picking more than 100,000 ears a day of his trademarked Olathe Sweet.

The fields of onions need weeding. His beans, too. More than 100 fields of corn need picking. An 80-man crew is stuck on the Mexican border of Texas, waiting for temporary H2A work visas from an inexplicably closed embassy, costing him $2,500 a day as they linger. He’s got a contract with Kroger to deliver more than 30 million ears of his succulent corn to grocery stores across the country.