More bear activity being reported across Western Montana

More bear activity being reported across Western Montana

More bear activity being reported across Western Montana

Source: KTVQ
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MISSOULA – There are still lots of bears making the rounds across Western Montana.

State wildlife officials said they’ve been fielding several calls about black bears getting into domestic fruit and garbage in Lolo, especially in residential areas along the river bottoms.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks also said that several black bears started getting into garbage when the town of Seeley Lake was evacuated.  Wardens have trapped and relocated three black bears. FWP is also talking with the U.S. Forest Service and others about creating a future protocol for garbage pickup in the event this happens again.

In Missoula’s South Hills, FWP reported at least two or three different bears in the area that have been in garbage and fruit trees. Sightings have been reported off Crestview and Artemos. Several black bears have been seen in domestic fruit trees and garbage.

Several black bears have also been spotted along river bottoms and in domestic fruit trees the Lower Miller Creek, Big Flat and O’Brien Creek areas.

Meanwhile, Missoula Animal Control issued 100 warning tickets in the Rattlesnake for violating the garbage ordinance. There are multiple black bears that are getting into garbage. Due to the level of bear activity in the neighborhood, FWP recommends being bear aware when moving through the parks and walking in the neighborhoods.

A black bear has also been seen in garbage and fruit trees in the University neighborhood.

There are also reports of multiple bears being seen in the Bonner mountain foothills area that have been getting into garbage and domestic fruit. FWP also reports a black bear was hit by a car and killed along Montana Highway 200.

A grizzly bear has been seen in the residential area just north of Seeley Lake. The bear is getting into uncontained garbage, according to FWP.

Wildlife officials have also received several reports by bow hunters, residents, and recreationists that are seeing grizzly bears in the Blackfoot Valley area. FWP also reports that a hunter encountered a female grizzly with cubs on the Blackfoot Game Range, but the family group moved on without incident.

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