Algal bloom found in Bozeman water source

Algal bloom found in Bozeman water source

Source: NBC Montana
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Judith Retana

BOZEMAN, Mont. – Health officials are sending a warning after an algal bloom was found in a lake that supplies water to the city of Bozeman. The  contaminants found in Mystic Lake have the potential to harm the liver, skin, eyes and throat.

The Gallatin City-County Health Department says anyone heading to the lake should exercise caution. The algae could be harmful to pets and livestock as well.

Bozeman Public Works Director Craig Woolard says the contaminant has not been detected in the city’s water treatment facility. He says workers will continue to monitor water daily. If the algae is found in the water supply, they can cut off water from Mystic Lake from entering the facility.

“By looking at our source supply and treating the water we’re really making sure we’re protecting the health of the public,” Woolard said.

Algal blooms thrive in warmer temperatures and are naturally occurring. Anyone going into the water at Mystic Lake should stay away from any green or turquoise colored scum on the surface of the lake.

Woolard says the onset of cooler temperatures means the problem will not worsen and will likely dissipate.