A new kind of mining comes to Butte, America

A new kind of mining comes to Butte, America

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On Wednesday, CryptoWatt LLC began bitcoin mining at the former Mike Mansfield Advanced Technology Center south of Butte, Montana.

CryptoWatt representative Matt Vincent told The Montana Standard that Thursday was the first full day of the company’s bitcoin mining operation. About 2,000 servers, at a retail price of $4,000 a server, went live sometime Wednesday.

Vincent called this initial work a “pilot project.” A larger-capacity operation in a second building on campus is expected to get going around late April or early May.

So far, CryptoWatt has hired a handful of full-time employees and is still hiring new technicians who will help keep the computer servers running smoothly. Overall, the company expects to hire 50 full-time employees when the campus is fully operational.

The current capacity of electricity is at 3 megawatts. That amount of power enables the 2,000 servers to mine bitcoin 24 hours a day, seven days a week.