Wolf Technician (18141160)- MT FWP

Job Type(s): Communications, Programs / Services, Other
Salary: $17.61
Deadline: June 13, 2018 12:00 am
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The Wolf Technician will conduct projects addressing statewide wolf management priorities, both under the direct supervision of the Wolf Specialist and independently. This work will include the use of GPS and radio-transmitters on wolves for monitoring survival/mortality, movements and behavior, reproductive performance, ground surveys, the collection of biological samples, and remote camera trapping. Routine job duties include proficiency with GPS, compass, telemetry, and map orienteering to monitoring wolf activity. The technician will capture, chemically immobilize, and tag wolves with VHF and/ or GPS transmitters, monitor survival and movements of radiocollared animals aerially and from the ground, release incidentally captured nontarget species, and other field-related tasks. The Wolf Technician will collect biological samples from animals, including blood, hair, tissue, or skeletal parts, and may investigate death sites of animals.

The Wolf Technician will maintain organized field notes and data forms, and analyze the data collected to interpret information for reports used in making program decisions. They will be responsible to ensure the project is being conducted using the best approach available to ensure its success. They will work with the public, landowners, hunters, University personnel, federal and state land managers, and the media to coordinate projects. This job demands respect and excellent sociability with teammates and the public. The Wolf Technician will be responsible to troubleshoot and solve basic problems they encounter.