Watershed Fund Committee Position

Job Type(s): Administrative, Finance
Deadline: January 31, 2019 12:00 am

The MWCC Watershed Fund Committee seeks a member with experience and interest in private foundation grant writing and review to serve a temporary, one-year term beginning in early February 2019. Successful applicants must have an understanding of the needs of Montana’s locally based watershed organizations; however, committee members cannot be employed by organizations that may apply for Watershed Fund grants.

Part of the intent of this position is to help determine the scope of work for a permanent committee member to serve a two-year term beginning in 2020.

MWCC facilitates the Watershed Fund as a funding consortium to: 1) accomplish on-the-ground-conservation projects, and 2) meet critical coordination and capacity needs of local watershed organizations statewide. More information about the Watershed Fund is available here.

Goals: The two primary goals of the Watershed Fund are (1) Increased capacity of local communities to advance community-based, locally led conservation, and (2) Provide a model for streamlining, consolidating, and leveraging resources for locally led conservation statewide.

Vision: In addition to more funding for watershed groups, the MWCC Watershed Fund would serve as a platform for collective direction among state, federal, and private conservation funders in Montana. The MWCC Watershed Fund provides an opportunity for leveraging watershed investments.

Committe Role: To provide good governance and transparency in the distribution of funds. The Committee is composed of experienced conservation grant volunteers, grant managers, and MWCC’s Executive Director, with staffing by MWCC’s Watershed Programs Coordinator. MWCC will utilize this committee not only to administer funding, but also to offer perspective on the needs and gaps of current watershed funding programs offered by federal, state, and private funders.


  • Ability to meet 6-8 times per year
  • Commit 15-20 hours of time to committee work per year
  • Stay informed and engaged in watershed activities at the local, regional, or statewide level
  • Be thoughtful, creative, and willing to take calculated risks
  • Understand and believe in MWCC’s mission of “uniting and supporting Montana’s watershed communities to promote healthy and productive landscapes”
  • Understand and believe in the purpose of the Watershed Fund to advance watershed communities statewide
  • Desired experience in private foundation grant writing and/or grant review